Looking For Free Fast File Transfer Apps? Best Top Rated 6 File sharing Apps for Android and PC

Best free fast file transfer apps: The time has completely changed and nobody has enough time to waste, even everyone wants to save time following technology tips. Nowadays, the people are stuck with their gadgets and love to share cool stuff with others through USB. Now, it transformed to Wi-fi based sharing apps which let the user transfer large files to another device at a quick speed. SHAREit is one of them and now several competitors are also struggling to get top position. ShareIt is very well known application but sometimes irritates that is why we brought some Best Fast File transfer apps – Best alternatives and similar apps for Shareit which are trending in the market currently.

Top rated free fast file transfer apps – Best File Sharing Android Apps

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Top 6 Best Fast File Transfer Apps to Share Online/Offline

1. SHAREit

SHAREit is one of the most prominent file sharing apps in the technology arena, has achieved top position in Best Fast File Transfer Apps List. This app is known for its simple user interface and handy user experience. Shareit supports group sharing and can perform fast file transfer up to 5 devices simultaneously, 40 times faster than Bluetooth. It also doesn’t require any data plan, active Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, connects wirelessly. It supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10/8/7XP, and Mac OS. You can clone messages, contacts, music, and videos from old phone to new device easily with this app. Five Easy Applications to split Large Pdf files into small Documents

2. Zapya

Zapya doesn’t need any formal introduction, has emerged as a big rival of Shareit. The app allows one to transfer files from one platform to another platform whether it Smartphone or a Laptop. The app doesn’t require any wi-fi or data connection, it establishes its own sharing network which lets the user transfer all type of files with any size amongst Android, iOS, Windows etc. According to reports, it has been downloaded over 100 million times and giving tough competition to Shareit and Xender. Zapya transfers the files with the fastest speed up to 10 MB/Second that is far better than Bluetooth, NFC and USB cord. The application can be downloaded easily from the Play store and, if you want to install it on your PC, you can download here Zapya for PC. Zapya giving tough competition to reach top 1 of Best fast file transfer apps list.

3. Xender

Xender is a big alternative of Shareit and Zapya and allows the user to transfer documents, pictures, videos, music and everything. This app has made its name in very short span and giving tough competitions to its rivals. Xender also works on Wi-Fi and supports group transfer up to 5 devices. It transfers files very fast without a data connection and active wi-fi one best option for free fast file transfer app. This app supports multiple international languages including Arabic, English, German, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Indonesian, Korean, Spanish and Russian. Available as Xender Pc version.

4. Cloneit

Cloneit is an android App which lets you share or transfer files between devices. Additional update If you are looking for an excellent Shareit app???? It is the best option for you. CLONEit android app can backup and transfer 12 types of mobile data from one phone to another wirelessly without the need of a cable, a computer or network. Cloneit is also a product developed by SHAREit developers only. This app recently stepped into race of Best Fast File Transfer Apps List. This app is made available for android and ios devices on release. Download Cloneit Android App, Download Cloneit for Windows/Mac Pc

5. Super Beam

SuperBeam is some tricky in comparison to others as requires NFC or QR code scanning for making the connection between two devices. It also makes a connection over Wi-Fi. But, the app comes with very simple user interface and keeps the track record of all transfers. If you want some more advanced features, then you can purchase pro version of it. Hit here to see Top 10 Money Making Survey Apps that Pays for Sharing Opinions.

6. Airdroid

AirDroid is also one of the best free fast file transfer apps to share large files quickly. With AirDroid, the user can do some other things like receive/send SMS, see the notification and other files. The company is working on to retrieve Whatsapp and Wechat data also through this app. You can send all the files to your laptop and PC. So, it’s really the best way to connect your Android device to PC. Superbeam and Airdroid are old but still in the race of Best fast file transfer apps of 2017.

Above cited free fast file transfer apps or sharing apps allows you to experience the fastest transfer ever. Forget or say goodbye to Bluetooth and Nfc. Do I miss any important fastest sharing app let me know through comment’s section? Do you have any noticeable experience with any of the above app share to our reader base? Hangout here with another interesting tutorial How to make money online for free without investment. For more updates do follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Add us to your Google+ circle.

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  1. Can’t believe an app like FEEM was left out!!!
    I tried most of the rival apps but some couldn’t support my machines.
    But immediately i tried FEEM (recommended to me by a friend), it automatically worked.
    And the most amazing thing is that it works on ALL platforms(Cross Platform) and doesn’t require any data plan and it is also user friendly.
    I believe FEEM is the best file transfer app.

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