How to [*Fix] WhatsApp Contacts Sync issue in Lenovo A6000 plus after Lollipop 5.0.2 Update

Fix WhatsApp Contacts Sync issue in Lenovo A6000 plus Lenovo smartphones sales are at peak leading the by 3 standard pieces Lenovo A6000, Lenovo A6000 Plus, Lenovo A7000. Lenovo stood ultimate at providing features too. Because of its low price tag most users are dragged towards it. Primarily Lenovo A6000 Plus and Lenovo A6000 released with older versions of Android Operating System Kitkat 4.4. But Recent Android OS Lollipop Update made users to think how to upgrade Lenovo A6000 and Lenovo A6000 Plus from Kitkat 4.44 to Lollipop 5.0.2 version. This is possible, On successful upgrading your device will be updated to latest Lollipop 5.0.2 version. To be frank lollipop 5.0.2 interface is far advanced and notorious. Only thing users of Lenovo A6000 and Lenovo A6000 plus are seeing issues on Whatsapp Contacts Sync issue and Heating issues. Our team made a tutorials to Fix major issue Whatsapp Contacts Sync issue in Lenovo A6000 Plus, A6000, A7000

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Fix Whatsapp Contact Sync Issue in Lenovo A6000 plus On Lollipop 5.o.2 Update.

When you upgrade from KitKat 4.4.4 to Lollipop 5.0.2 everything looks fine, But you will encounter with a Call log update issue and Whatsapp contacts sync problems in Lenovo A6000 plus Smartphones. You will be displayed only phone numbers it will not show any contact names and in Whatsapp app you will get a message “None of your friends are using WhatsApp, Invite them.” Displaying Phone numbers without Contacts name is the only problem making people annoyed. If you are the one, Who updated Lenovo A6000 plus with Lollipop 5.0.2. Leave all your perplexity and follow our responsive guide to solve Whatsapp contacts sync issue in Lenovo A6000 Plus.

Whatsapp Contacts Sync Issue in Lenovo A6000 plus solved

Only solution for Whatsapp contacts sync issue in Lenovo A6000 Plus is to Factory reset your Smartphone after upgrading Lenovo A6000 Plus(+) with Lollipop updates 5.0, 5.0.1,5.0.2. As Soon as you reset your  phone you will be able to fix Call Logs Sync Issue and Whatsapp Contacts Sync issue in Lenovo A6000 plus, Lenovo A600 Samrtphones. This tweak involves some important steps you need to perform before Factory Reset.

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Fix WhatsApp Contacts Sync Issue in Lenovo A6000 plus – Solve Call Log Issue

  • Backup Everything Apps, Contacts, else required things to another SD card (When you perform Factory Reset everything will be Erased).
  • Roughly takes 5 to 10 mins depending on your Backup

I am going to share two workable methods to fix the Lenovo A6000 plus Contacts Sync problem in WhatsApp and Call Logs after upgrading from Kitkat to Lollipop 5.0.2. Both the methods are exactly applicable for Lenovo A6000 plus, Lenovo A6000, Lenovo A7000 Smartphones.

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Fix and Call Log Issue & WhatsApp Contacts Sync issue in Lenovo A6000 plus after upgrading from Kitkat 4.4.4 to Lollipop 5.0.2.

Method  1 :

Step 1 : Open settings.

Step 2 : Click Backup and Reset.

Step 3 : Check options Backup my data and Automatic Restore were enabled or not . If not enable them. Green button is indication for enable.

Step 4 : Now Go to your Contact manager—>Options —>Import/Export (This will Export all your contacts)

Taking Backup completes here.

Step 5 : Go to App manager -> Clear and Force Stop –> Contacts and Contact Manager.
Note: This will also delete the call log.

Step 6 : Go to App manager ->Clear and Force Stop –> Whatsapp.

Step 7 : Restore the contacts using Export file which is stored as backup.

Step 8 : Now Refresh the Contacts In Whatsapp.

Mostly, You can fix Whatsapp contacts sync issue in Lenovo A6000 plus by following above steps. For someone this is not working if you failed to fix it below mentioned method is most workable and suitable for everyone do follow below one.

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Method 2 : Lenovo A6000 plus WhatsApp Contacts Sync issue Solved

Step 1 : Open settings.

Step 2 : Click Backup and Reset.

Step 3 : Check options Backup my data and Automatic Restore were enabled or not . If not enable them.(Green button is indication for enable).

Step 4 : Go to your Contact manager—>Options —>Import/Export (This will Export all your contacts)

Note : This where you need to be careful Export contacts to Inserted SD card not Phone memory. Check this thoroughly if you did it on phone memory everything is waste you will miss all your contacts and important data.

Step 5 : Soon the completion of Export/Import of contacts then Go to Settings and choose Factory Reset.Wait for few mins to erase your data and reboots your smartphone. While Booting you will be pop up with message Backup Data is found do you want to restore it. Click on Restore it.

Now your Lenovo A6000 plus is with Lollipop 5.0.2, Now import your contacts from your SD card. Your issue Contacts sync in Whatapp in Lenovo A6000 plus, Lenovo A6000 solved and Call logs too got fixed.That’s it. Hope everything is shoot enough to follow if you found any issues, If you have any problems with Whatsapp contacts sync issue in Lenovo A6000 plus, A6000 through your comments below resolve from our team or readerbase.

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  1. Hi dear,

    really gr8 fix… hatt off to u..

    i used first option… rather then doing reset its best

    thanks again

  2. This fic is really works. Rather than second fix first one easy and it takes less time.
    Awesome, really great.

  3. I am using lenovoa6000 plus I hv tried all applock nothing is working
    Please can u give a solution for this

  4. Hats off to you!!! I tried almost everything thing but only your way helped!

  5. Great fix. Factory reset worked for me. Thanks

    • Thn ku sunanda for your response

      • What is the pin for factory restore

        • Pin is the thing you set before while setting up ur device for first use or try below trick ………… factory reset
          1–Switch off ur device
          2–Press volume up and Power button simultaneously for 10 secs
          3–You will see Android recover menu
          4–Choose Wipe Data/Factory reset and select yes
          5–Wait for few secs to complete process.
          6–Now reboot your device…. 🙂 🙂

  6. aditya chaihan says

    Thanks bhai…u made my day your 1st option works perfectly …thnks …….i am very thankful to [email protected]:)

  7. Both the options you suggested are not working.
    Can you suggest any more one

  8. Rajesh Sharan says

    Dear all, currently using Lenovo 6000 and believe it’s worst phone of its range. So many times my contact manager gets hangged, WhatsApp, IMO etc use to hanged and unable to do anything except waiting. Will advise everyone to gift this to ur enemy and ur revenge over becz lenovo will make his life hell.
    Imported contact from my gmail activated all Facebook, imo, Skype but in my contact manager single names appearing multiple times can u guide me how to filter this or import from old Nokia cell through Bluetooth.
    Thanks in advance
    Rajesh Sharan

    • Hello rajesh sharan wait for some more time as from lenovo forums we came to know they are resolving issues. Mean while see in comments section any one from our readerbase got solution for your problem………

  9. ankit pandya says

    thank u it really works

    thanks very much

  10. shyam chourasia says

    my lenovo A6000 not working properly my phone book contact are not shown in whatsapp what should i do plzz suggest me solution friends.

  11. Shalini Shrivastava says

    I use both option Tried very hard please fix the same problem. Contacts and whats app contacts are not visible

    • Hello shalini make sure that you followed first trick thoroughly, most users got relaxed from problem you may see in comments. If you are still with problem i would recommend you to downgrade for kitkat or else just wait for Android 6.0 marshamallow update

      • Hello Makey, I am an user of Lenovo A 6000. Recently I have successfully upgraded my phone from Kitkat to Lollipop. But I am receiveing whatsapp, email and other msgs in a delayed manner. I have tried all the known tricks but Its not working properly. Please give me some suggestion or tell me that how can I downgrade from Lollipo to Kitakat.

      • prasad ghadge says

        hey @ sujoy there lenevo a6000plus will not upgrade to marshmallow !

        and how solve issue automatically thumbnails & chache creating in internal memory.

        thambnails & chache is is rename with .jpg its convert into image and images seen as song album photo.

        please help me for it..!!

  12. Where Is contact manager in Lenovo a6000plus

  13. kunal mehta says

    whatsap contacts and facebook messenger both are not working (issue is contact name and in f messenger there is not pop up for any message hmesha facebook pr login krke msg dekhne pdte h)

  14. Narashimha says

    wipe data/ factory reset not running
    my mobile not running
    mobile not working

  15. vishwanath says

    i tried the trik and succeeded ,but after some time i am facing same problem,numbers in my contact list are being deleted or modified withot my knowledge. i am happy with former OS, please guide how to degrade to os kit kat…4.4

  16. Hi there n best wishes for your good work. I tried the method . My call log problem got fixed however WhatsApp problem is not solved. Can u help I use a lenovo a6000 plus.
    Many thanks,

  17. Hi, iam using lenovo a 6000 plus after upgrading my phone if i click side reboot button it will come poweroff , reboot…if i click reboot i touch to (ok) its not working..and some time back button also and middle one..not working

  18. Yashraj Nigam says

    Thanks a lot bro…..I’m restarted my phone,a tried a lot ways but STEP 1 WORKS FOR ME no need to factory reset….
    Thankyou Once Again…..????☺

  19. I am bought lenovo a6000/plus after update to lollipop some It is working good after few.days the bottom of screen not working like in keypad 4,5,6 not working plz how to solve …..plz sir sent their answer to my gmail also “[email protected]

  20. It’s awesome!!!!!!!!
    I was struggling to fix the issue since last 4 months. This solutions really helped me. I am very thankful to this website and the admin. I will suggest everyone to try the solutions if you are facing any issue with your Lenovo A6000 plus mobile. Thanks again.

  21. just bought Lenovo A600, watsaap icon is not trying to download it from, but it says enter redeem code. So what is this code & how can i get one? is not watsaap free? the same problem is there when i enter facebook messenger section, it says enter redeem code.

    please help me to install watsaap & facebook messenger in lenovo A600

  22. anil goud says

    sir when factory data reset the os lollipop will delete or not

    • os lollipop will be in device!!!!! But all the settings and downloads which were made custom and mannual will get reset!!!! to defaults

  23. asif khan says

    I upgrade my lenovo a6000 in version 5.0.2..
    now I have a big problem many apps not installed for example Facebook not installed.
    factory reset my mobile but this problem not solve plz help me tell me his solve by my email [email protected] I am very thankfully

  24. I followed second option for mu Lenovo A6000 and it worked! I am soo happy.. Thanks !

  25. Two methods not working as well in my a6000 plus
    But I found the alternative solution WITHOUT FACTORY RESET
    Please follow this step, it works for me:

    1. First backup all contacts to sd card (IMPORTANT!)
    2. Go to setting>apps>all. Clear data and force stop Contacts, Contact Storage and Whatsapp (after this step, ur Whatsapp already sign out)
    3. Then go to setting>account>google>click ur last synced account email>and then uncheck Contacts
    4. Then open Contacts. Delete all your contact data include Google Contacts until your contact data very clean = 0
    5. Open Whatsapp, login again until finish
    6. Go to contacts> import/export> copy contacts from sdcard> copy to your email google contacts
    7. Then open setting>account>google>click ur last synced account email>and now check Contacts. Wait until syncing is done
    8. Now check your contacts. First looks not synced. But it works if your Total contacts decrease slowly
    9. VOILA!
    10. restart the phone

  26. Hi Dear,

    I don’t have any such type of sync problem after upgrade,but when i am trying to call a particular number it will not processing immediatly. Means, to call a particular number i need to click on call button many times. After 4-5 attemps only call is processing. Plz suggest me how to resolve this issue.

  27. Lenovo what’s up not downloading plz help me

  28. hi I am using lenovo a6000. it was working properly but from last few days. I can’t able to see my whole contact. when I am trying to save its showing already save in contact list. I want to know where I can get that numbers which is showing already save in contact list.

    or how I can import contact from multiple sources in lenevo a6000.

  29. thirumal says

    My memory card pin set ic is failed I want ic can u help

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