20 Money Making Apps for Android and iOS (iPad/iPhone) devices to Earn Money Fast Online 2017

How much do you get billed for using android and iOS apps? Wouldn’t it be awesome if your apps pay you ????? Sounds interesting right !!! There are many free money making apps that will pay you for completing simple tasks like grocery shopping, watching tv, watching trailers, taking photos, completing surveys. We found out a long list of 20 incredibly genuine apps that earns you real cash and rewards. Check out these 2o bang on money making apps to make money online.

Earn money for trying and downloading apps – Make real cash for watching videos

We have listed separately each and every app under particular category all you need to do is just select your handy category and start earning extra money online with android and iOS apps. Here we go……. Below cited the list of money making apps will pay for downloading or trying apps, registering to websites, completing simple tasks, watching videos, watching ads, watching trailers, participating in polls.

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Top 20 Money Making Apps to earn extra cash from android and ioS

Quick List of Money Making Apps 2017
  • App Trailers
  • Cash Rewards
  • Top Cash Rewards
  • iBotta
  • Receipt Hog
  • Ebates
  • Foap
  • Viggle
  • Ebates
  • Bookscoutter
  • ESPN Streak For The Cash

Money Making Apps to Earn Money or Cash on Android and iOS Apps

App trailers:

App trailers is the decent one among money making apps. This app got all preview trailers of upcoming and existed apps. All you need to do just watch or preview video trailers. Every time you watch a trailer you will get points that you can redeem for PayPal cash, Amazon gift codes. Download for Android and iOS devices.

Cash Rewards:

Cash Rewards offers you to earn extra cash by completing simple tasks like downloading free apps, paid app, registering to free websites, paid websites, watching video ads, trailers, completing surveys, playing free games. Earnings will be shown as points ($ 1= 1000 points) that you can be cashed out through Paypal, Payza, Amazon Gift card. Download cash rewards for Android or iOS devices.

Tap Cash Rewards:

Cash Rewards will earn you real cash rewards for downloading games, apps, completing offers. Tap Cash Credits for each completion that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards through Paypal, Google Play, Amazon etc… Download for Android Devices.

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Earn Real cash with money making apps on sharing opinions

This is most recommended and serves far better than any other money making apps for all age groups children, boys, girls, teenagers, retired persons, women, housewives, old people. Survey apps will ask you to share your opinions, reviews through surveys, polls conducted by market firms. The only thing you needed to know latest trends in technology, products, brands, politics, movies, entertainment etc…

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Money making apps under Shopping category

This tends to be more awesome your daily purchases will earn a quite decent money which you can redeem for gift cards, or cash through Paypal. See the list of apps that will rebate for your daily purchases.


iBotta app will pay you for taking picture of billing receipts of your daily groceries. Download the app and unlock rebate ie to gain rebate on the particular product you need to complete the task. Now go shopping and buy the product take a picture of the receipt and upload to ibotta support. That’s it rebate amount will be deposited redeemed as cash from Paypal or as a gift card from amazon. Download for Android or iOS devices.

Receipt Hog:

Receipt hog is similar and far better than money making apps ibotta, that rewards cash for uploading your daily shopping receipts. Unlike ibotta no matter where you shop or what you buy. Feed your Hog receipts and be rewarded with coins. Redeem coins for cash via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Get Receipt hog for Android and iOS devices.

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The Ebates App pays you to shop online and earn cash back on every purchase. Ebates works with 1,700 stores. When you shop at an online retailer go through ebates for cashback. Download for Android or iOS devices.

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Earn rewards and cash for discovering music, watching tv shows


Viggle money making apps will gift you points for watching tv shows and discovering music. When you are watching tv or listening to music open viggle app. For every song or show you engage will earn you points that can be redeemed for electronics, trips, and gift cards from retailers. Download Viggle for Android, and iOS

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Make money by selling your photos with photography apps

Hello, creative photographer make use of this money making apps for earning real cash fast with your creativity.


Foap turns your photos into real money. Upload your smartphone photos to foap it and sell through the foap market. No upload limits. Paypal integration for cashouts. Make money with your passion. Download foap app for Android or iOS


Snapwire is the best apps for selling your photography. Connects photographers with brands and business around the world. Photographers get access to real-time, paid photo Requests and Challenges. Download snapwire for Android or iOS devices.

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Other workable money making apps to earn extra money


If you are a good book reader. Now think off how your interest will fill your pockets with money. If you have a large store of books where you are no more interested to read those books, at least few. Book scouter.com will give you information of vendors, vendor ratings, and buyback prices. Scan or enter the ISBN of your book this app will find out buyers looking for a particular book and compare the best price and emails you.Payments are processed according to convenience. Download Book scouter for Android or iOS devices.

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Rewardable app earns extra money with your Android phone. Make few dollars while you shop or by giving feedback on a service.Download the app to find tasks nearby and complete tasks using your phone. Earn cash or rewards redeemed through Paypal. Download Rewardable for Android or iOS devices.

Money Making using Espn Streak App

ESPN Streak For The Cash:

This app will work as betting app. Put your prediction talents on game challenges to build the longest streak of correct picks from daily matches across the world sports. Download for Android and iOS devices.

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Above cited Top 20 money-earning apps allows you to earn money or cash online. Do I miss any important app let me know through comment’s section? Do you have any noticeable experience with any of the above app share to our reader base? Hang out here with another interesting tutorial Top 15 legit ways to make money online. For more updates on earning money online do follow us on follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Add us to your Google+ circle. Liked our article ” Top 20 money making apps to earn real cash and rewards”? Do share with your social circles 🙂

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