Samsung Foldable Phone Rumors – Samsung First Foldable Smartphone will launch in January 2016

Samsung Foldable Phone Rumors : Latest buzz over internet is all about Samsung’s next flagship Samsung Foldable Phone. There are many rumors hearing over internet about Samsung’s new project. Gaint South Korean company lately involved in project Samsung new folding smartphone named as “Project Valley.” This project is announced in early stages of development. As per SamMobile in a Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo, “Project Valley” is currently undergoing testing. Samsung foldable phone device is being trailed with two possible hardware configurations. Configurations being tested are Snapdragon 620 Processor,  Snapdragon 820 Processor. Both configurations are equipped with 3GB of Ram and micro-SD slot.

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Samsung first Foldable Smartphone Release in to Market Rumors

According to Project Valley or Project V,  Samsung’s new handset will looks like Notebook with distinct halves which can be folded. Samsung’s phone has flexible screen touch with dual display. Project Valley is now working on two prototypes Snapdragon 620, Snapdragon 820, Carrying 3GB RAM and microSD card slots for memory expansion. Reportedly launch of first Samsung foldable Smartphone will be in early january 2016. There are no particular images to describe Samsung’s First foldable Smartphone. But recently there are leaked images of Samsung Foldable Phone patent application and a video to show how the Samsung Foldable phone looks like have a look on it.

As per PatentlyMobile publishing Samsung company’s Patented a new Hinge System for new Samsung foldable phone that supports a OLED Display. As per company by the end of year 2015 there will official release 0f Samsung first foldable Smartphone. It is almost end of 2015 till now no official announcements from Project V developers. During the patent application numerous designs regarding Samsung’s new flagship foldable phone are published. Last month one of Samsung’s latest and simplest foldable phone designs surfaced in a patent application completely describes the redesigned hinge system that supports a single OLED display without damage.

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Samsung Foldable Phone Latest Invention

Samsung filed their U.S. patent application back in February 2015. Below are the patented prototype images. Prototypes are not exactly same as original. Gives you an estimation, How the Samsung Foldable Phone Looks when it is launched into market. Flexible OLED display is designed to fold in the middle using and elastic unit configured to apply a tensile force to the flexible display device at the unfolded position.

Samsung Foldable Phone release

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Need to wait till Early 2016 January to see this amazing flagship. Hope Samsung foldable phone will be the biggest one ever. Latest updates regarding Samsung Foldable SmartPhone will be made available on intervals here keep visiting to know more.

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