Are You Ready to be a Full-Time Freelance Blogger ? Guidelines to Be A Full-Time Freelance Blogger

Ready to be a Full-Time Freelance Blogger: Are you a dedicated person? Do you wish to turn freelance writing into a full-time job and quit your current career? Being a full-time freelancer is a tough choice to make and you have to be certain before taking the risk. You do not want to make the move too soon,but if you are ready, there is no need to wait longer than it’s necessary. Successful freelancers claim that this choice was the best they made since it provided them with both freedom of choices and the freedom to organize the time. If you are struggling with the decision of whether to take freelancing as a full-time job, make sure that you conform to the following requirements that prove that you are ready to be one full-time freelance blogging career.

Exclusive Guidelines to Start Career as a Full-Time Freelance Blogger

Freelance Blogging Career Tips

Exclusive Tips to start Freelance Blogging Career

You are financially secure to start freelancing

You are financially secure to start freelancing. Succeeding in the freelancing business takes up some time and dedication. If your savings account is not wealthy enough to last for a longer period, you are not ready to be a freelancer. Even if you tried as a freelancer and think that you are good to go, there is a lot to do before you become valued in the freelancing world. Almost every freelancer experiences a short-term drop in the regular income because finding some clients can take time, so you have to plan your expenses and count your savings accordingly.

When considering the savings account, make sure to take your own financial situation and expenses in consideration. You may have more flexibility if your spouse or parents earn enough money to cover the house’s expenses. But if your incomes take a big part of the survival of the family, you have to make sure that you have enough to last until your new career takes a swing.

You are good in organizing expenses

If you decide to be a full-time freelancer, you have to know that there is a huge difference between being an employee and being a freelancer. Freelancer’s salary often varies and you have to be a person who can organize the expenses if you want this to be your career. You cannot spend all the money you make when you have more clients and tasks because next month may not be as productive as the one before. If you do not know how to save money and organize your income, you are not ready to be a freelancer. You have to learn to manage and appreciate the money you make since the stability of being a freelancer varies according to your time, quality of work, clients and of course, a bit of luck.

You have the time and are know how to spend it

Freelancers often enjoy the freedom of organizing their time, but this is not something everyone can do. If you wish to work as a freelancer, you have to be very responsible and being one does not mean that you will spend less time working. It simply means that you will be able to schedule your own hours. Some freelancers finish their work all at once in order to have the rest of the day free and some spread the work throughout the day.

You are good with deadlines

We have covered the point where you should be good in organizing time, but you also need to be good in respecting deadlines when being a freelance blogger One unsatisfied client means a bad feedback and can influence your entire career. Therefore, if you decide to do this professionally, make sure that you are responsible and follow the guidelines and the deadlines provided by your clients. Otherwise, your freelancing career is doomed to an end before it even starts.

Experienced and Talent

The freelancing world is not an easy place to succeed in since you will face a tough competition with people who have been working as freelancers for a long time before you started. If you wish to succeed in this business, you have to be sure that you are good at what you do, because no one hires a blogger with bad writing skills. And that is not all. If you wish to write for a living, you have to make sure that you always provide your clients with the best you can offer, no exceptions. In the freelancing world, feedback is one of the most important factors in finding new clients. And a person with a bad reputation is less likely to be hired than an approved.

Your resume and your portfolio are perfect

When you apply for a job as a freelancer, your clients will demand that you send them a resume with your qualifications and a portfolio with some of your best work.

Being a freelance blogger often comprises of agreeing to work as a ghostwriter. Therefore, you have to have a strong portfolio when applying for a job as a freelance blogger and make sure that the work you use is good and you are allowed to use it.

You are ready for the challenge

Taking this step does not only mean that you need to have the skills that we mentioned. Quitting your daily job to make freelancing a full-time one takes guts and you have to be a risk-taking person to do this. If you decide to take this step, make sure that you know that this is not going to be easy, at least not at the beginning. And don’t forget, freelancing is a job in progress and you cannot stop proving yourself when you create a good image and find regular customers. You always have to give your best and make sure that every client is a happy client. Many people respond well to the risk of being full-time freelancers and enjoy the freedom of working from home. But, you cannot simply think that this job is an easy one.

These seven tips can help you decide if you are ready to do this and if you are, you will find this change to be the best one you have ever made! Thank you…This Article is exclusively composed by Kate Simpson. You can Meet her @ KateSimpson Google +

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