[*Experience] Top 15 Personally Verified & Proven Tips to drive or Increase Traffic to a Blog or Website

Apart from gaining knowledge to setup blog, performing good seo to blog an another important concept where you must definitely keep an eye ie “Increase Blog Traffic”. Unless you don’t have good traffic you cannot monetize or earn money from your blog. A great challenge faced by every blogger is How to get a good amount of traffic to a blog. Since the beginning, I had gone through many tutorials on How to increase blog traffic in early blogging or with a new blog. After getting well stuffed with blogging techniques I started applying each and every tip to increase blog traffic and follow-up tutorial will reveal the results of applying. If you are the person looking for tips to increase blog traffic to your new blog, Have a look onto my personal experience How I managed to get daily 10k+ pageviews daily.

How to Increase Blog Traffic to a New Blog – Best SEO, Link Building tips, Blog Promotion tricks

Increase Blog Traffic

Top 15 Verified Proven tips to Increase Blog Traffic 2017

Many of the new bloggers have this question in their mind how to increase blog traffic. In getting traffic many of the newbie bloggers committing mistakes. This is the day where myself stood before you to share killer tips to increase blog traffic. Becoming blogger is easy but becoming successful blogger needs dedication and more efforts for educating yourself. Below mentioned are the tactics which I have used to get traffic for my blog. Read each and every tip carefully understand it, Apply on your blog and get fruitful results. All you need to do just walk with me along the tutorial How to increase Blog traffic and apply to your blog.

How to Increase blog traffic with Design and Concept

Proper Domain Name and Description:

You may be familiar with competition in blogging. To stood unique among all the existing bloggers you need to have a proper domain name and description. You may ask how? Let me explain to you If a user searches for any keyword google shows many results. To get clicked on your Url you should attract user this is all possible with Domain name and description a user should feel that he will get a solution on visiting.

Good Template, Theme:

Use eye catchy templates to make user feels happy on looking your site. Eye catchy design will drive a good amount of traffic. Design your own Template, Theme or buy premium themes.

Choose Most Interested Topic:

Most most most important one creating content. This is the major challenging task ie You are not supposed to write articles/posts on the niche which users are not interested.Your content writing skills shouldn’t irritate reader base which will fly away from your blog. So creating a user-friendly content is a challenging task for ones.

Quick tip : Create a content on burning issues and How to guides which will drag most users attention.

Maintain Good Writing Skills and Good visual creations:

Writing skills are also a major consideration in blogging. Because If you are writing posts where user not interested to go through then there is no use of writing. Primary thing of a blogger is to achieve good traffic this will be achieved only if your writing user catchy posts. Include Images, Visual content yields you good results.

Know SEO Tips to get your posts ranked well:

After choosing user demanded niche you are required to know the tips to write Seo friendly content. SEO is most preferred, Workable best way to get Organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Know what is the importance of SEO in writing posts or articles. Finally, read Killer tips to write Seo-optimized articles which increase your blog traffic.

Do Keyword Research:

Do Keyword research to find burning keywords or user interested keywords which increase your blog rankings higher on search engines. Use below free keyword finding tools like google keywords.

Create an Eye Catchy Title of Post:

Guys when you are writing Posts/Articles important thing is to Create An Eye catchy Title of Post. Because the title of the post is visible to the user so if you can create a title which drags most users attention you are succeeded in increasing your blog traffic.

Blog Promotion Tactics – How to increase referral traffic to my website

Submit your blog to search engines:

Writing  Seo optimized posts is not enough your posts must get indexed. If your posts are not indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing. Chances of getting an organic search will be less. In order to get blog indexed, you are required to submit your blog to search engines. Soon you start a blog after writing 1-5 posts submit the sitemap to major search engines. Submit URL to Google, Submit to Yahoo/Bing, Yandex etc……Submitting to search engines shows the high impact on your blog.

Create Facebook, Google+, Twitter Fan(Social sharing) Pages:

Buddies you may feel bored about Social link building. But do you know you are making blunder mistake don’t neglect social sharings? if you don’t concentrate on sharings you really need to worry about domain authority and website trust. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ not only gets you traffic but also increase the website trust and domain authority.

Engage Users through Sharing, Liking your Posts:

A Very important technique to increase blog traffic from social networks. Include Social sharing buttons and Social liking buttons inside post so that users can easily give their support by liking or sharing your posts or writings.

Bookmarking Directories Submissions (Stumbleupon & Reddit etc…)

After writing posts do submit your individual posts to bookmarking directories like Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon and Reddit sites. Submitting posts will increase your blog traffic because these sites have active members on each submission active members will definitely view your posts.

Active participation on forums, Commenting sites

Active participation on forums, Commenting sites will get you good blog traffic. Most of the tech buffs will prefer forums and commenting sites for the solution of issues. Create your profile and include your website in Signature if forum rules obey. This will drag good amount of traffic to blog.

Create E-Mail Subscription Box:

Create an E-Mail Subscription Box which allows users to subscribe to your blog updates. Send newsletters to each and every subscriber an easy promoting tip which increases your blog traffic.

Build Backlinks:

Building backlinks will also get good amount traffic and increases present blog traffic. The Best way to get backlinks is to write guest posts for other high page rank blogs and demand for a backlink from their blog. High PR sites won’t share their PR but demand by creating great posts. Comment LUV & Do-Follow enabled blogs will also give you a backlink, All you need to do is comment on those blogs but remember don’t spam. If you have spammed you’ll get nothing.

Create Relationships with other bloggers:

Search online for co-bloggers who are working on your niche and maintain a good relationship with them. You can gain referral traffic from their blogs.


As I said before a perfect way to get a large amount of blog traffic within in short period is only through guest posts and sharing infographics. All you need to do is find your niche related blogs and ask admins to place your link on their website if they obey your work is finished or else approach with a well-structured guest post where you can attract admin.

Sharing Infographics:

Infographics are really awesome, Nothing but a simple image consisting lots of information. A recent survey concludes most of the readers and bloggers are interested in info-graphics. You can embed your link in the infographics image and ask your readers or co-bloggers to spread the word. This will increase your blog traffic and your identity too.

Bottom Line:

Guys above discussed every tactic helped me in increasing my blog traffic. Hope you went through tutorial “Top 15 tips to increase blog traffic – Blog promotion tactics 2015” and understood each and every tip well. If you felt any inconvenience or any troubles shoot your comments below. All the very best apply all the above techniques and see fruitful results. Don’t fly away hang out here with another helpful article How to write Seo Optimized articles? 2015 Seo Optimization techniques. Liked our article make sure you are sharing this article over social circles. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter,  Add us to your Google+ circle for more updates.

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