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Blogging Tips and Techniques : 2015 is the era where I’m seeing many emerging bloggers around blogsphere. If you are the one who decided to start blogging, Primarily you need to have picture clear clarity before you start a blog. Soon you are clear about blogging start your own blog. Starting a blog is very easy but to be unique and get reputation among millions of blogs need some skills, techniques, hard work, dedication. In this article I’m going to share some blogging tips and techniques for newbies which increases your success rate in blogging. This is not only for newbies in blogging, But people who started their own blog but looking for blogging tips to increase traffic. Let’s walk through…..

Blogging tips and techniques for newbies, veterans in blogging

Passion : Never start blogging just to make money online. Many are starting blogs for just money making its a blunder mistake first make sure you are passionate about or interested in blogging. Passion will definitely build an unique identity over internet. Now think over how to make use of your identity to earn money. There are many platforms waiting for you show off your creativity and earn money online.

Blogging tips and tricks

Is blogging is easy ? Most of the people say yes, But I say big No. Because blogging needs creativity, skills, dedication, expertise, writing skills, web designing skills, last but not least SEO. If you don’t have any of the above skills you are wasting your time.

Blogging Team : Judge whether to blog individually or by a team. Quick tip team blogging has more advantages than individual, Can share knowledge, skills, creativity, work, major advantage all your writings will spread faster in social networks.

Niche : Niche finding is most crucial one in blogging. Because there are many blogs working on different niches the best way to stand out from million blogs is to choose a most demanded niche on internet and become expert on it.

Selection of Niche : Niches related to Technology, News, Business, Marketing, Online money has incredible demand. Quick blogging tips on niche selection, Niche related to problem solving will show off you more than normal niches. You can gain more subscribers to your blog.

Expertise : After choosing your next step is to check your own knowledge on niche. Unless you are expert in particular area you writings will not make sense, If you don’t have experience, get by referring more blogs related to your niche and then start your own blog.

Come up with Good domain name : Domain name is nothing but address of your blog. You must be very careful about domain name it resembles brand you want to build.

Quick tips for good domain name 1) Unique 2) Memorable 3) Easy to spell.

Choose best hosting : Never go for free services like blogger.com or wordpress.com. If you are serious about blogging you need to have self hosted service. There are many available like Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost. Choose the best hosting which meets your requirements standards need to be concentrated are Bandwidth and Capacity.

Select Good Theme : Make your blog look professional. Eye catchy designs will gains you a large reader base. To make your blog catchy there are many free themes and premium themes. If you can spend some money get a good premium theme like 1) WooThemes. 2) Thesis. 3) Genesis.

Recommended Plugins : Plugins like Social, Subscription, Contact lets users to contact you. There are many more plugins which improves your site performance. Below cited list are recommended plugins for bloggers.

  • Akismet
  • Contact form 7
  • Popular Post
  • Sharebar
  • Facebook Plugin
  • WP Subscribe
  • WP Smush it
  • WP Supercache
  • SEO Yoast

This is where you completed setting up your own blog for first look. If you did everything perfectly you will be able to see your blog homepage. Follow up blogging tips need some knowledge on using internet. No problem I’ll help till end.

Expert Blogging Tips ant tricks for Newbies and Beginners

Claim your Site Ownership on google : Before you proceed further you are required to get verified with Google Webmaster Tools. After getting verified you can track all your site statistics like submitted urls, indexed urls, site errors, not found errors etc……. There are some more sites like BingYandex where you should get verified.

Add Analytics code :

Setting up blog is not enough you need to keep track of your blog traffic. To track your traffic ie How many visitors you get, what they are doing on your site, From what location they are coming, You need to add Google analytics code to your website. Simply login to analytics get the code and place code in header.php before </head>.

Content : Content is the king. Unless you produce a good content you shouldn’t expect success. Do some research what kind of content will I produce. How often will I publish new content, How to promote older posts. At beginning, I used to post very rarely two weeks a post this is not fair all the time atleast you should maintain 3 -4 posts a week. Maintain good frequency of publishings where you can build authority and trust.

Content Strategies : To create unique content all you need, to be yourself. Maintain post frequency by updating regularly. Attract users through images create an eye catchy impressive designs. Keep your blog funny.

Traffic Generation :

After starting blog every blogger thinks How will I get traffic to my site ? Traffic generations techniques are quite difficult to find out here i wrote popular traffic generation strategies that you can start without worrying Blog Commenting, Submitting to Social Directories, Guest Blogging. More than this you need to concentrate on organic traffic it’s all possible only with high quality content and Seo.

Interested to become author at makeyupdates look here guestblogging in makeyupdates

Email List Building :

Once you succeded in getting organic traffic now concentrate on Email traffic ie by subscription. There are many Email services like Aweber, Mailchimp, Mailpoet to promote your posts as emails for subscribers. So your duty is to choose best service and add to your blog so that users can subscribe for latest posts. You can expect good amount of direct traffic to your website once you get popularized.

Link Building :

Link building plays crucial part in indexing your posts. So go virally over internet and search for your niche related top ranked blogs. Publicize your post links with their permission ie through trackbacks, commenting. As google crawls top ranked blogs frequently links present in their blogs will also get crawled so chances are high for fast indexing.

Social Marketing :

There are many ways to market your content. Social marketing is one of the best and easy technique to increase traffic to your blog. All you need to do is after composing an article post it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc… This will increase domain trustiness too.

Help Co-Bloggers :

Maintaining good relationship with co bloggers will increases chances of being successful. To be honest when I started blogging I’m having serious issues with this part but going on everything is picture clear maintaining relationships with fellow bloggers add values to your life you can get introduced in their circle. Start connecting with people in a right away you can comment on their blogs, Follow hang outs on Twitter or Facebook.


After setting up your identity successfully now its time to make use of your identity and start earning money. If your blog has consistent traffic daily 1000 visits then move ahead to monetize your blog. You can see many platforms like Adsense, Affiliate marketing, infolinks pays for promoting their products. Choose any of the above and start signing up.

Quick tip : I personally recommend you to use google adsense gives out maximum revenue.


Guys hope above blogging tips are handy and helped you. Now Open doors for your online business with these Top 20 blogging tips, hang on here to read another related article. For more latest trendy guides follow us at Facebook , Twitter,  Add us to your Google+ circle .

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