Looking for Best Android Spy Apps?? Top 3 Android,iOS Spying Apps Features and Comparison for Year 2015

Top 3 Best Android Spy Apps : The year is about to say goodbye to us and therefore, We realized that it’s the perfect time to review best android spy apps or software for 2015. Luckily, our homework was not tough, because there are a few apps that have been unequivocally and undoubtedly, superlative to others in terms of performance, price, features and customer base. So let’s get started.

Android Spy Apps review
Features and Comparison of Android Spy Apps


Top our list is Xnspy. This app is about to reach 100,000 users within the 6 months of its launch—that makes it the newest one in category android spy apps. Since its release, the app has released several upgrades to its features and performance. You can now spy instant messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line, Skype and Kik Messenger. The app also introduced its No-jailbreak version for the iOS. So if you have any iOS users to spy on, do try them out.

Reasons to buy Xnspy Spying Software:
  • Cheapest and best android spy software. It starts at just $8.33/month, making it the most affordable smartphone monitoring app.
  • A good library of features.
  • An all-around parental and employee monitoring.
  • Powerful GPS tracking and Geo-fencing.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • XNSPY Dashboard app to monitor from your smartphone.
  • Remote Control.

More details can be seen on official page.

Reasons not to buy XNSPY:
  • No Block and censor features.

Teensafe :

Teensafe is undisputedly the best parental control app and top rated one among best android spy apps. Just like Xnspy, it has a very simple interface that’s easy to use with decent set of features. This app offers instant messenger and phone logs tracking. The biggest reason why someone should get Teensafe is when they are monitored an iOS device, because it offers GPS monitoring without jailbreak. But with the android spectrum, the app is vey similar to the fore-mentioned app.

Reasons to buy Teensafe:
  • Simple design makes it a good parental control.
  • “Block and censor” feature. Something that’s vital for a parental monitoring software.
  • A large user base with hundreds of satisfied parents.
Reasons not to buy:
  • Expensive. Teensafe starts at $15/month, that’s almost twice of what Xnspy is charging for its services.
  • A specialised parental control. Not suitable for other purposes.

Flexispy :

Just like every time, Flexispy doesn’t disappoint its users who are obsessed with intense features and powerful features. Flexispy is the most intricate android spy apps that you can come across. It has tons of features that make it a perfect spy app. The app claims to have more than 150 features. Though we can’t say for sure they do but we got to believe what it says, after all, it’s not your some average spying app that we are talking about.

Reasons to buy Flexispy:
  • Provides the largest Instant Messenger apps tracking including Snapchat.
  • Listen to live calls.
  • Remote camera access.
  • Spy on passwords, emails and application passwords.
Reasons not buy Flexispy:
  • More of an iOS spy rather than android spy. Most of the IM apps monitoring are compatible only with iPhone and iPad.
  • Extremely expensive. The premium package starts from $68/month, while the Extreme
  • package starts from $199/quarter.
  • No block and censor.

Above cited Top 3 Android spy apps pioneered in category for current year 2015. Let’s see which spy app will be the ruler for coming year. Do I missed any important spying app let me know through comment’s section. Do you have any noticeable experience with any of the above app share to our reader base. Hangout here with another interesting tutorial Fast file Sharing Apps to transfer or Share files. For more updates do follow us at Facebook , Twitter,  Add us to your Google+ circle . This Post was written by guest blogger at makeupdates.com. Interested to become author look here Guestpost Submission.

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