[*Free Applications] Top Five Easy and Best Methods to Split Large PDF Files into Smaller Documents

I am Ankur Shuka, a tech geek and lover of MakeyUpdates. I am writing this post to introduce five easy methods to split a big PDF file into smaller documents. So if you are using PDF documents on a regular basis and worried about its size, then this article will surely help you to do the split operation over large PDF file up to 100 MB. After splitting a heavy PDF file into smaller files, you can share and manage them effortlessly.

Split large PDF files to parts

Actually, one week ago I needed to split a big (60 MB) PDF file into 3 documents so far I can share them to my clients with an email attachment. Because Gmail provides maximum of 25 MB size limit to upload and share files through attachment. I found several solutions when I searched “how to split 60 MB PDF file into 3 equal files”. But some of them was restricted to split PDF file up to 20 MB only. After searching more results I got the best solution among. I also experienced some other applications for breaking up the PDF file.

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Five free Applications to split large Adobe PDF Files into Parts

There are several such programs available free of cost which can be used to break a PDF file into two or more parts but finding a suitable one is quite difficult. So here I am going to tell you about best 5 applications which are helpful and available free to use. Pick a suitable application to Split Adobe PDF Files from below cited list.

Adobe Acrobat Pro :

This is a complete PDF management tool developed by Adobe Systems. It’s not free solution, but available free of cost for 30 day trial. You can download use the trial edition of Adobe Acrobat to perform PDF split operation. This application does not have any size limitation issue.

Split Adobe large files

SystoTech PDF Split and Merge

This is another free Windows based application can be used to split large PDF file into smaller parts as well as combine multiple PDF files into one. The tool does not have size limitations, so you can split large PDF files easily. The software provides 3 options to do the split operation. Download SystoTech Software.

  • Split All Pages
  • Split From_to_
  • Split into_ Files

How to split Large PDF Files

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Split PDF Using Google Chrome 

Google Chrome is a web browser widely used for surfing the internet. You can also use it for splitting and extracting pages from PDF file. To split PDF file using this method you first need to open your PDF file with Google Chrome and press CTR+P. After that provide page range and finally click on the Save button.

Split Large Pdf files to smaller

Online PDF Split Tool by smallpdf.com

SmallPdf  is a popular web application provider offer solutions to do the several operations over PDF documents. You can use this free PDF split tool to extract pages from PDF file. The tool provides limited options to split PDF files.

Split Large Adobe PDF files

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Free PDF Splitter by onlinefreeware.net 

This is the solution I used earlier for splitting 60 MB PDF file into 3 equal documents. The tool takes a few minutes to upload, split and download my PDF files. The app provides 3 options to split PDF file:Visit OnlineFreeware

  • Split PDF File into_ Files
  • Max Pages_ Per PDF File
  • Separate All Pages.

Softwares to split large files

Conclusion :

In this article I have discussed five easy methods to split a large PDF file into smaller documents. You can use a suitable one for splitting PDF documents. I hope you will get these solutions very helpful to solve related queries. Your comments and feedbacks are always welcome.

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