How to Use/Run Two Whatsapp Accounts On Single Mobile-Dual Whatsapp Accounts with OGWhatsapp

Multiple Dual WhatsApp Accounts in Single Mobile : Hey buddies, Have you ever think off using 2 Whatsapp Accounts in single android smartphone.Yes, What you heard is correct now you can enjoy dual Whatsapp accounts on single phone with OGWhatsapp. In this article I’ll make you familiar with latest Whatsapp trick “How to Use Dual Whatsapp Accounts in Single Android Mobile”. As you all Known, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger app on Google Playstore since 2009. Within a short period of time whatsapp grabbed millions of users, and whatsapp users count is increasing day-t0-day. Even me or yourself will prefer Whatsapp for its Pleased features and Handy interface to share pictures, videos, music on Internet. By now, Most of the world is enjoying WhatsApp on their smartphones. Sometimes even the popular has some flaws while matching with trends this happens to Whatsapp too. Present “Dual SIM” mobile phones came into handy. Undoubtedly, Dual sim hits the market, which let users to use personal and official numbers on single Mobile. Here is the biggest disappointment from whatsapp it fails to upgrade support dual  SIM  functionality. Let me introduce another of whatsapp famous tricks. Download Whatsapp for Pc/Laptop is also now possible tap here to see how.

How to Run Two/Dual Whatsapp accounts on Single Mobile Using OgWhatsapp

Whatsapp has several updates over a period. Recent whatsapp update Activate Whatsapp Video Calling Feature with Latest Whatsapp. Now let’s jump into main discussion How to Use 2 Whatsapp accounts in single Mobile. Like you most of the world started searching for guide to install dual whatsapp accounts on mobile over internet. On behalf of witnessed searches we made an interesting research on this latest trick and published our conclusions below. Yes!!!! It is possible to maintain 2 whatsapp numbers in single mobile alongside, There comes into picture third party application ie…OG WhatsApp. Now, You can install 2 whatsapp accounts using this amazing application. Og Whatsapp regarded as best alternative for Whatsapp and fled away the WhatsApp limitation to run two/dual Whatsapp accounts. This becomes quite handy for smart phones that has dual SIM feature. Now WhatsApp users can use more than one WhatsApp account on their mobile devices.  You might have doubt whether all the features are available in Og whatsapp, Yep scroll down to see features of Og Whatsapp.

Ogwhatsapp download

How to Use Dual/Two Whatsapp Accounts with Og Whatsapp

Features of OGWhatsapp

  • Multiple Whatsapp account.
  • Backup and restoring feature.
  • No Root required.
  • Almost all features of Whatsapp.
  • Image preview without downloading.

Find Download OG Whatsapp Apk here. Soon you find it don’t hurry up for installing. Installing Multiple(Dual) Whatsapp Accounts using OG Whatsapp is not so easy as other it is quite tricky be patient do it carefully.

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Download & Install 2 Whatsapp Accounts (Multiple Whatsapp) in Single Mobile

Read all the below mentioned instructions carefully and follow steps. Soon you are familiar with installation you can run or use 2 Whatsapp accounts at a time with two different mobile numbers in single phone without rooting. Follow all the steps carefully to install multiple whatsapp accounts on mobile phone using Og Whatsapp

Steps to be followed with Og Whatsapp to run or use 2 Whatsapp accounts :

OgWhatsapp doesn’t need any rooting simply download and install on your Mobile. Be careful while performing each step.

Step 1 : Before installing the OGWhatsapp take complete backup of your WhatsApp data. Taking backup of your old Whatsapp data will lets you to save all previous messages or conversations in official whatsapp.

To take backup of your conversations Go to Settings”–>>“Chat Settings”–>>“Backup Chats option. Tap on that to you create backup file that can be saved to cloud or associated account.

2 Whatsapp accounts with Og Whatsapp

How to Run or Use Dual Whatsapp Accounts in Single Mobile

Step 2:  Next step is to delete all the WhatsApp data. To do it go to phone Settings ->Apps ->WhatsApp ->Clear Data.

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Step 3: After completion navigate to /sdcard/WhatsApp directory and rename the directory as OGWhatsApp.

Rename ogwhatsapp

Rename to OG Whatsapp

Step 4: Next step is to Uninstall your original WhatsApp app from your Android Smartphone

Step 5: That’s it now click on the link provided to Download and install OG Whatsapp Latest version 2015 on Android smartphone.

Ogwhatsapp latest 2015

Download Latest Og Whatapp Version

Step 6: While installing It asks to verify mobile number (Most Important) You have to verify your old mobile number that you used in Whatsapp official app and click on OK.

OG whatsapp latest

Open OgWhatsapp-Dual Whatsapp Account

As you performed backup you can see all your conversations and contacts on new OG Whatsapp account with your old mobile number.

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For second whatsapp account

As usual how you will install whatsapp from google playstore perform those steps.

  • Official Whatsapp App asks you to verify your mobile number now you verify your new mobile number.

That is it. Now navigate to homescreen you can find 2 whatsapp accounts as Og Whatsapp and Whatsapp.

This is the topmost of whatsapp latest tricks 2016. Hope everything is clear about How to use 2 Whatsapp accounts on Single Mobile with OgWhatsapp. If you find any difficulties while installing Og whatsapp on Smartphone feel free to contact us. Our team will assist you in resolving your problems as soon as possible. Don’t miss the discussion below Do share about “Using dual whatsapp accounts in single mobile” on your social networks.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. I have a problem when downloading og whatsapp. When I download og whatsapp they ask me to adjust ur date and time but my mobiles date and time is adjusted. So whats the solution

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