What are Backlinks in SEO? Importance and Benefits of building back links to a website

Before I talk about what are backlinks you need to know about Seo link building which makes you to understand occurrent topic clearly. Very soon you get started with a website, Seo and Back links building are the terms you are going to hear frequently. Especially newbies in blogging will have more confusion in understanding the term back links. In this post I will make you to understand What are backlinks, Why they are important, Benefits of back links in online business.

What are Backlinks ?

Backlinks are well known as inbound links, are incoming links to a website or blog from other websites. More literally a backlink is any link received by a website, post, page from another webpage or website. Today backlinks has most significance in search engine optimization (SEO), turned as main building blocks of good seo. Google’s recent algorithm considers number of websites referencing or linking to a page decides the popularity of website ie. number of back links is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page on search engines.

Backlinks complete basics guide

Search engines often use the number of referring links that a website has as one of the most important factors for determining that website’s search engine ranking, popularity and importance. Here the logic is simple, More number of other sites are referencing your site means it must be a high quality content website or highly trusted site with relevant content.

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Get Started with Backlinks terms and concepts

There are many methods readily available for use by everyone to gain links to website/blog. Before all these you need to understand the basic terms of link building.

Low-Quality links :

These are the incoming links coming for low quality sites, automated sites,  spam sites, irrelevant niche sites. Do remember these links harm instead of doing good for you, Search engines penalizes websites that has links pointing form irrelevant sites. Possible way of getting low-quality links is by buying links, so to be safe try to avoid such practices.

High Quality links :

Links that are pointing form website or blog with high quality content, good domain authority, good page rank and good alexa rank, not but not least  related to your blog niche.

Quick tip : Getting unlimited links is different from getting high quality links. Practice methods to gain quality links which are safe.

Internal Links :

If you are writing a new article include your old blog posts links cleverly as it integrates with discussed content. This is called internal linking. Internal linking will allows users to stay with your content.

Link Juice :

This term may be quite interesting for blogging beginners. When a web page links to your articles or a page in your website it passes link juice to the link also. Link juice helps in indexing and ranking your pages on search engines. Webmasters has an flexibility whether to pass link juice to connected website or not.

No follow links :

If you are leaving your link on no follow tagged website or blog it of no use. Because spiders will not follow such links, moreover link juice will not pass you’ll get nothing. Possible ways of getting no-follow links are by blog commenting limit such type of practices from now.

Do follow links :

This technique is handy, if you are looking to build backlinks to a website Do follow links are the right choice, where the link juice will be passed to linked post. You can expect faster indexing and better rankings. Find high ranked do follow blogs and get backlink from their website.

Anchor Text :

Anchor text is the descriptive labeling of the hyperlink. Anchor texts has high weightage in displaying search engine results pages (SERP) rankings of a webpage with respect to any given keyword. To rank for particular keywords anchor texts are good choice.

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Benefits or Advantages of Backlinks in SEO

Building links requires bit planning. Because wrong understanding will leads you to a wrong destination. So hear properly. After google penguin updates many blogs were penalized for reckless link building ie getting back links by tricks opposed by search engines includes links from low quality sites, low ranked sites, spam sites, harvested sites. So it is important to get back links form quality sites and links must be contextual ie a If you have an apps sites and getting backlink from fashion site is not tolerable. To be safe get links from authority sites and related niche sites.

Faster Indexing : Backlinks will help bots and spiders to discover and index your site fastly.

Increase in Rankings : Google ranks links which has quality content and more referring sites.

Organic traffic : Organic traffic is only possible with more ranked pages. More the referring links to a particular article more the trustiness, higher rankings will be given for such articles.

Referral traffic : Link building will increase referral traffic to a site.

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