What Is Link Building ? Know how building links will promote your Online Business

A major seo technique, Link building is often referred as Off-Page site Optimization.Understanding link building concept is quite frustrating if you aren’t aware of search engine optimization basics. So get started by seeing some important basics and concept of SEO. To most of the newbies in blogging after successfully setting up a blog will google for tips like how to get traffic to website,  how to build backlinks to blog . Today in this guide I will let you to know basics of link-building which is a regular and recommended tip to get traffic to your blog.

What is Link Building ?

In my previous tutorial I made a point to get success in blogging key part is to develop a unique high quality content. Absolutely this is true only after getting popularized. Am I confusing you? O.k let me clear it, What i mean to say is once your blog writings got popularized over internet many other websites and blog intends to include your blog roll over their blogs or websites. This is called link building. More literally link-building is referred as process of gaining backlinks ( link that points to your site).

Link building benefits

Developing high quality content will absolutely gets you backlinks, But this is not the case all the time especially when you just started a new blog. Without making any efforts to generate links to your site you won’t get popularized or receives traffic. At budding stage you definitely need to concentrate on link building strategies. Previously it was very easy to get links through automated tools but now this is no more tolerable by most popular search engines like Google, Bing. So you need to do research to find popular, high ranked, good authority and quality blogs related to your niche where you can leave your links.

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Why you need to build links to site ?

Explain you with an example : Suppose think of an election poll is happening between 1o persons. Audience are requested to pool their votes. A person securing large number of votes will be the winner. In the same manner here also google measures the popularity of website or blog by incoming links. However you should think cleverly to build links. Keep in mind building unlimited links is different from building high quality links.

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Benefits of Link building

You may be familiar with the importance of Google SERP(Search Engine Result Pages). Present updates in google, Website getting good amount of Inbound links from quality sites will have more chances to show off in search results. Link-building is the process of getting good amount of inbound links from quality sites. Below are some other benefits of generating links.

Fast Indexing  : Unless your article get’s indexed you cannot expect traffic, Maintaining relationship with other blogs is a key to fast indexing. Google crawls high ranked or popular blogs hour to hour. If you can leave your link over high traffic ranked blogs you can expect fast indexing as your link will also be crawled.

Increase in Google SERP : More the quality sites link to your blog more visibility of your blog pages over search engines.

Increase in Rankings : Inbound links will also increase your page rankings and domain authority.

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Increase in trustiness : If your blog is linked to High quality content blog google trust your blog is safe to work and gives more trustiness and authority.

Good amount of organic traffic : Google likes or prefer blogs which are linked with high-quality blogs and shows off in search results more frequent where you can expect good amount of organic traffic.

Promote your Business : Get connected with fellow bloggers and promote your brand over internet.

Popular Link building strategies to get more inbound links.

  • High quality articles.
  • Guest submissions.
  • Create Infographics.
  • Article Directory Submission.
  • Social Directory Submission.
  • Active on Forums.
  • Get .Edu and .Gov Backlinks.
  • Follow Do-Follow blogs.
  • Follow Comment Luv Blogs.
  • Active on Social Networks.

Hope you successfully understood What is link building – Benefits of building links and finally link building strategies. With this I end up here and let’s you to next post “What are Backlinks ? Importance of Backlinks in blogging” Hang on there to find tips and tricks to generate links to your website or blog. For more tricks and tips follow us on follow us at Facebook , Twitter,  Add us to your Google+ circle. Liked our tutorial give your support by sharing this article on your networks.

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