[New] Whatsapp Video Calling Feature update Activate Whatsapp Video Calling with Latest Whatsapp Video Call Apk

How to Activate Whatsapp Video Calling Feature : Folks, Are you the die hard user of Whatspp Messenger App. If you are, This Update Whatsapp Video Calling Feature will makes you happy. Whatsapp team decided to enable Whatsapp video call to Whatsapp Messenger with download of Latest Whatsapp Version or with Whatsapp Video call Apk. Surprisingly before official announcement about enabling of WhatsApp Video Calling feature most of the users are already in great hunt for this latest update over internet, Popular search engines witnessed trending hunts like How to make Whatsapp video call, Whatsapp free video calling update, Whatsapp video calling apk, Whatsapp video calling feature. Whatsapp developers decided to roll video calling update by testing its functionality in its beta version. So you need to sign in as beta tester to place a whatsapp video call, Where this could be possible only with latest whatsapp messenger apk version 2.16.80. Our team took an initiative and made an exclusive test on whatsapp video call. Following tutorial concludes availability of Whatsapp video calling feature, Whatsapp Video Call Complete Update, Activation, Download Whatsapp video call apk version, Steps to Enable or Activate Whatsapp video calling feature finally How to make a Whatsapp Video Call. Top Competitors of Whatsapp : Imo MessengerKik Messenger, Line Messenger, Path Messenger

King Of Messengers – Defending Whatsapp Messenger Updates

Before Seeing Whatsapp Video Calling on Android Smartphones let’s have a look onto massive Whatsapp messenger history. Since a decade Whatsapp Messenger crowned as a king of Social networking messengers. As it was first launched by a small team later MARK ZUCKERBERG founder of facebook bought it. WhatsApp turned as a defending champion in the race, Whatever the app enters with awesome features, Still whatsapp is the king. Primarily Whatsapp was released for higher end Smartphones working with Android Operating System GingerBead, Honeycomb, Icecream Sandwich, Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop,. If you are not having Whatsapp get from here Whatsapp for Android.

Whatsapp Video Calling

WhatsApp Video Call goes LIVE – Download Whatsapp video call apk to get the Feature

Soon the Whatsapp Popularity was much more than expected. Whatapp team decided to extend it’s support providing Whatsapp for iOS/iPhone, Whatsapp for Blackberry, Whatsapp for Windows Phone. Whatsapp successfully stepped into all platforms only thing worried by whatsapp developers is the searches experiencing by popular search engines like Whatsapp for lower end mobiles. Whatsapp for Nokia S40-Nokia S60, Whatsapp For Symbian Os, Whatsapp for Samsung Mobiles, Whatsapp for Java Mobiles, Whatsapp for Bada Os.

How to Enable/Update Whatsapp Video Calling Feature, Activate Whatsapp Video call for iOS and Android Devices

Whatsapp Video Calling Update Starts rolling for Android devices with Whatsapp 2.16.80 Apk. Developers are seriously working on this project. As the integration is already finished only thing is whatsapp team is testing Video calling on whatsapp. Referenced from whatsapp official blog, Rightnow whatsapp video calls can be made only with whatsapp beta tester app or with latest Whatsapp version 2.16.80. You can sign in as beta tester and start making whatsapp video calls on android devices. To place a video call on whatsapp as usual tapping on the phone icon placed at the top-right corner will pop out options video call and audio call. Hit on Video call.

Best alternative for Whatsapp : Get Imo Messenger for making Free Video calls – Chat

Latest Whatsapp Beta Tester Download – How to test Whatsapp Video calling Feature

  • Go to Whatsapp Official Website.
  • On download page you will see whatsapp download and beta tester click on it or hit on the below link.

Whatsapp Video Calling Beta Tester download

  • Tap on Try out latest Beta Program from Google Play.
Whatsapp Video Call Beta Tester

Beta testing Whatsapp Video Calling Feature

  • In the follow up Tap on Become a tester .
  • Few seconds later you will download latest Whatsapp Video Call.Apk.

Presently users can see the ‘Whatsapp video calling’ option. On tapping video calling option, the app says it cannot place the call and displays message “Video Calling is unavailable at this time”.

[Update : 17-11-2016]  How to Activate/Update/Enable Whatsapp Video calling Feature – Whatsapp Video Call with Latest Whatsapp Update

Dated on 17-11-2016 Whatsapp Messenger completely received whatsapp video calling feature update. Now all the smartphones or mobiles can make a Whatsapp video call with updated whatsapp messenger  or Latest Whatsapp Messenger version. Now proceed below to get complete details about How to Activate Whatsapp video calling Feature or Download Whatsapp video call apk and finally How to Make Whatsapp video calls on android and iOS smartphones.

New Video Calling App or Whatsapp Video call alternative : Google Duo App download

Download Whatsapp Video Call APK to Activate Whatsapp Video calling

Whatsapp video call apk will be made available only after integration of video call feature into whatsapp app. Now no more waiting start downloading latest Whatsapp Video Call Apk  from here or Update Whatsapp Messenger to enjoy whatsapp video calls for free.

Whatsapp Video Calling APK latest version

How to Enable or Make Whatsapp Video Calls on Android Devices with Whatsapp Latest Update

So many of us do have whatsapp app installed on device.When you try to place a call by hitting on phone icon inside whatsapp messenger it simply place a voice call. As of now dated on 17-11-2016 whatsapp completely updated or rolled out whatsapp video calling feature to all its users so to place a whatsapp video call you need to update whatsapp to latest 2.16.80 version.

  • To update Whatsapp video calling feature Go to Settings -> Apps -> Installed Apps -> Find Whatsapp and hit on Update button. This will update whatsapp messenger to latest whatsapp video calling app.

Enable or Update Whatsapp Video Calling Feature

To make a whatsapp video call, Open Whatsapp Messenger hit on phone icon located at right corner of the window.

  • Earlier this option will initiate voice calling, now tapping on the icon will give users the option to choose whether to make a voice call or a video call.
  • Hit on Video call and this will start a whatsapp video call.

Download Whatsapp Video Calling Apk

  • Happy Video chat to all 🙂

How To Activate Whatsapp Video Calling Feature on (iPad/iPhone/iPod) iOS devices

German technology blog Macerkopf has provided info regarding WhatsApp video calls on ios devices. Activation of video calling feature on whatsapp requires free download of whatsapp latest version from the official site. Users can enjoy whatsapp video calling after downloading and updating whatsapp beta version. Latest Whatsapp Video calling images which was tested on iOS devices. Posted screenshots show a video call in progress through WhatsApp. The images were reportedly taken from version of the iOS app, which is said to be undergoing internal testing at the moment.

Latest Whatsapp video call update or activation procedure remains same for both android and iOS devices so users do follow above mentioned steps to update or activate whatsapp video calling feature on iOS devices.

Whatsapp Video Call activation leaked images

Whatsapp video calling option revealed in iOS beta update

Waiting is all over !!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatsapp video calling feature rolled out or updated for all android devices on downloading latest Whatsapp version. Now Start enjoying or making free Whatsapp video calls on any Android/iOS smartphones.

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Whatsapp Voice calling Feature

Whatsapp introduced a new feature Whatsapp Voice Calling feature. Only thing you need to do is install the latest version of WhatsApp on your Smartphones and iPhones to enable Voice Calling feature.

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Whatsspp for Pc, Whatsapp Pc Version

Whatsapp team identified an emerging hunt it’s all about Whatsapp for Pc, Whatsapp Pc version, Use Whatsapp on Pc/Laptop, Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/8.1 or Windows 10. As it is like that Team enriched and released an interesting upgrade ie WhatsApp Web version for PC – Use Whatsapp on Pc/Laptop using Google Chrome Web Browser. Alternately if you felt above procedure is not interesting head onto this tutorial shows you a trick to Download Whatsapp for Pc/Laptop on Windows 7/8/9/10 using Bluestacks Emulator.

Whatsapp Desktop App-Whatsapp Software for Windows and Mac

Whatsapp is pioneer!!!!! This time whatsapp team developed official Whatsapp Desktop App or Software. Now you can download Official Whastapp Desktop Software and use Whatsapp on Pc/Laptop.

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